I’m sympathetic to certain people


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I know there are Christians, and Catholics, out there who struggle with others thinking that things they can’t help are their fault. These people feel, with a lot of justification, that others see them as “evil” for it. I don’t feel like being more explicit about that right now.

I have so much sympathy for them.

Why do people assume that if I appear to challenge any part of the conservative Christian mindset, that I must be going off the deep end and need to be preached to?

This isn’t the first time and I suppose it won’t be the last. And right now I’m tired and under stress and lonely, so I’m taking it far more seriously than I need to.

What they don’t realize is that if I’d continued on the path they tried to make me follow, I wouldn’t be me. I’m not even sure I’d be Catholic anymore.

This time I challenged the Calvinist view of the will as intrinsically disordered., and have been essentially accused of helping lead people out of the Church. Last time, I was singing country songs that involved the word “beer” and was (gently, I admit!) encouraged to reconsider my listening habits. (Hm. Maybe I should cut out the Palestrina, he challenged the Council of Trent’s inclination to ban sacred music. And definitely no Tchaikovsky or Britten, they were GAY. And Wagner is just evil.) I suppose it’s easier to laugh about the last time because it was so obviously silly. But this time it bothers me, because I see this attitude so often, the attitude of judgement, the attitude of paranoia. How many people are really being driven out of the Church and away from the light by this attitude?

What would it look like to treat everyone with true charity?


I know I’ve been lax…but here’s advice on money saving


I realize I haven’t posted in a while. I hope to rectify the situation in the upcoming days by posting many random things, as I am no longer a music director (weep, weep) but a self-employed organist working for the same church…yeah. Not funny story so I’ll spare you the details.

In other news, here’s my fail-proof tips for saving on gas AND groceries!

1. Feel disturbed by the high cost of gas. Realize that the grocery store is well within reasonable biking distance.
2. Need groceries. Make a list of absolute essential must-haves. Assume that anything else you will buy on impulse (normal shopping method).
3. Ride bike to the store.
4. Select the 6-lb chicken and a gallon of milk. Also the other things on the list.
5. Steadfastly refuse to buy anything that’s not on the list, realizing you have to carry it all home on your back.
6. Place all items, starting with the 6-lb chicken and the gallon of milk, in your slightly dilapidated BOOK BACKPACK (read: not intended for heavy lumpy items).
7. Bike home.
8. Resolve never to buy chicken and milk at the same time again.

There you have it. I guarantee biking to the store will reduce your gas and grocery bills, simultaneously.

Why I hate sound systems

So this weekend is the Catholic Service Agencies appeal. Which means that instead of a homily, this evening we listened to a taped recording of the Bishop appealing.

[Is this even permissible given the restrictions of De Musica Sacra? Leaving that question aside for now.]

[Also leaving aside the cheesy “intro” music. Ok the music wasn’t cheesy in itself – but any music would have been cheesy there.]


In setting up the sound system to play this CD, I have no idea what they did, but when I began to play the organ, anything played in the pedals was SUPER LOUD, while the main manual (upon which I play the melody) was very soft.

I think my cantor and I (we were already having a rough day) deserve a medal for not pursuing with grill forks the people who set up the sound system.


It was a recipe for disaster

Recently took a “historic church tour” complete with attending youth choir. [Side note – I constantly hear the accusation that “Latin drives away the young people, it’s too hard for them,” or “The young people don’t like this kind of music.” But that youth choir did a lovely job and obviously loved what they were doing…so yeah….]

Youth choir was very good, sang great music, churches were gorgeous, and I would have enjoyed it all immensely….

The problem?

250+ seniors also taking the tour.


All the time.

And teenagers are considered rude? Does not compute.

Well, thank you, but…

Went to a different parish for daily Mass this morning. The little old lady sitting behind me came to OUR parish yesterday, so she heard me chant all the Propers. So I’m sitting there and I hear the Stage Whisper: “See that little girl right in front of us? She sings and plays the organ at St. _____. She has the most BEAUTIFUL voice. To die for!”

Of course at the first bit I unconsciously turned to look at her. After that I was trying to avoid looking as if I could hear, because she obviously didn’t think I could….