I realize I haven’t posted in a while. I hope to rectify the situation in the upcoming days by posting many random things, as I am no longer a music director (weep, weep) but a self-employed organist working for the same church…yeah. Not funny story so I’ll spare you the details.

In other news, here’s my fail-proof tips for saving on gas AND groceries!

1. Feel disturbed by the high cost of gas. Realize that the grocery store is well within reasonable biking distance.
2. Need groceries. Make a list of absolute essential must-haves. Assume that anything else you will buy on impulse (normal shopping method).
3. Ride bike to the store.
4. Select the 6-lb chicken and a gallon of milk. Also the other things on the list.
5. Steadfastly refuse to buy anything that’s not on the list, realizing you have to carry it all home on your back.
6. Place all items, starting with the 6-lb chicken and the gallon of milk, in your slightly dilapidated BOOK BACKPACK (read: not intended for heavy lumpy items).
7. Bike home.
8. Resolve never to buy chicken and milk at the same time again.

There you have it. I guarantee biking to the store will reduce your gas and grocery bills, simultaneously.